With the grit and power he possesses, we’d be willing to bet he could sing about practically anything and make it sound genuine – an uncommon and coveted trait in a world where new country music leans more into the over-processed pop space every day.” - The Ark Of Music

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Americana Songwriter Henry Conlon Delivers An Ode To Life In Small Forgotten Towns With His New Single ‘Die Like A Poor Man’

By Evan Fenne

Published 8/5/2021


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"You’ll hear 1000 songs before you hear another that hits you like this one. It’s got blues to the core." ~ Greg Jones, Ear To The Ground

Home 2019

In 2019 Henry released his first album, Home, which featured a selection of his original music from his early catalog. The record was produced by Eric Lichter at his Connecticut studio, Dirt Floor Record Productions. The tracks feature Conlon, Lichter, and Morganeve Swain (Fiddle). 


Stay up to date with Henry and his band, The Odd Dogs. More shows to come!

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